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WebFootSolutions.Com provides one of the most innovative and powerful website development systems available today. This system called, EZ-NetTools™, is uniquely suited for website development.

We provide EZ-NetTools™ and develop websites for our customers. EZ-NetTools™ is an all-inclusive combination of design and development software, hosting, e-commerce and promotional programs. The term "Hostware™" best describes this high-powered system because it is a combination of sophisticated software and hosting.

EZ-NetTools™ is easy to use, too. With the simplicity of point-and-click technology, typical computer users can create the perfect website to meet their needs. From a personal resume website to an elaborate e-commerce creation, EZ-NetTools™ can get the job done!

"I checked out a number of systems before choosing yours; From the start I was impressed by your enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming approach. "

--A. King Discovery Health



21050 Woodward Ave, Big Rapids, Mi. 49307