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Many businesses don't have the time or the desire to build their own website. No Problem! We can create it for you. Our expert team of graphic artists, designers and programmers can handle just about any job, big or small.

Our expertise in Web marketing and business make our team second to none in website creation. A picture is worth a thousand words so:
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Our advanced design team is experienced in every aspect of the EZ-NetTools™ system which makes us extremely efficient. This means that we can save you money!

You can choose your level of design, whether you need help with a logo, graphics and colors, a catalog, or the entire site. We have two types of custom design packages available: the Jumpstart and Full Service Plans.

Jumpstart Design Plan: Our design team will custom build a website for you according to your specifications. Once it is completed you will take over maintenance of the website and are responsible for changes and additions.
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Full Service Design Plan: Our design team will build a custom website for you according to your specifications, and will be responsible for updating and making changes on a regular basis to the site.
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21050 Woodward Ave, Big Rapids, Mi. 49307