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A Revolutionary Approach

to Website Development

WebFootSolutions Presents:
Custom Websites YOU Can Maintain!

Powerful Small Business

Whether you're building a new website, redesigning your website, or ready for a full ecommerce solution, EZ-NetTools HostWare® makes sure you have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed online.

Creating and maintaining a website, hosting, setting up ecommerce, and website promotion have never been easier thanks to our suite of fully integrated, easy-to-use HostWare® tools and services.

Our powerful web builder lets you build and maintain your website free form. And adding ecommerce is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Promoting your website with search engines is easy through simple, easy-to-follow interfaces. EZ-NetTools is your best choice for web design software and hosting!

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21050 Woodward Ave, Big Rapids, Mi. 49307