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Our Technology

Using Hostware® technologies, ICServ® has developed one of the highest quality website creation solutions known as EZ-NetTools®.

The high performance features of EZ-NetTools® are amazingly simple to use. It's never been easier to develop websites from the most basic variety to a fully e-commerce enabled website.

Hostware® -- An Application Service

Hostware® is the unique combination of hosting and application software. This simply means that you access our software over the Internet. In the Internet community, we are referred to as an Application Service Provider or ASP.

Because we use Hostware® and the ASP model, there is no need to install, re-install or upgrade the EZ-NetTools® software. Simply log into our system over the Internet and use the software. Even more exciting is the fact that when you save your work, it is automatically saved on the Web!

Hosting and Much, Much More

Websites created with EZ-NetTools® are automatically saved on our high-speed hosts. This process eliminates several steps required in the traditional way of transferring files over and over again.

Because of the integration and comprehensive nature of EZ-NetTools®, it provides all of the right ingredients to develop websites from the simple to the e-commerce enabled.

In fact, most solutions on the market today only provide functions to one or two pieces of the website development puzzle. This is a great cause of difficulty and frustration when building a website because you have to find several different sources and figure out how they all work together.

The Ease of Integration

The complete integration of EZ-NetTools® makes it one of the most powerful solutions available today. Advanced programming becomes a simple step in the webpage building process. Within EZ-NetTools® are over 350 programs working together with the servers as one integrated solution.

The EZ-NetTools® system is an easy to use point-and-click system. The webpage building software is of "free form" design (not template based) which provides ultimate flexibility.

It is a great tool enabling novice computer users but flexible enough for advanced designers to implement custom HTML, JAVA, and FLASH programming. Either upload the files or insert the custom code in specific locations within EZ-NetTools®.

What can the tools do?

There are multiple levels of EZ-NetTools®. We define the end user as a "member" and a wholesaler as a "reseller".

At the member level, the end user creates the website with the development suite. At a higher level, the reseller uses the website management software.

These powerful management or "Reseller Tools" organize, activate, and deactivate EZ-NetTools® accounts. The Reseller Tools even includes an online accounting system to facilitate on-line payments.

The most impressive Reseller Tool, however, is the ability to copy entire websites! The replication software alone can save hundreds of work hours!

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EZ-NetTools® includes all pieces of the website creation puzzle.

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